Is this Game Trying to Kill Me?

First Person Horror-Puzzle game

About the Game

An old shack deep in a dense forest, a strange computer and a game that's trying to kill you!

Well, well, it seems another traveler has wandered into my home. The night is deep outside the cabin and the rain is relentless. But don't worry, I have an idea to pass the time! You like games, don't you? I have a special one just for you! If you can pass it, a reward awaits you. Lose, and you'll have to stay with me a bit longer than you planned.

Is this Game Trying to Kill Me? is a mix of horror and first-person puzzle. You find yourself trapped inside a cabin deep in the forest, and its owner suggests playing a computer game in exchange for freedom. But the cabin and the game are intertwined much more than you might think, and the price of losing is your life!

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About the Developers

We’re a small independent game studio, located in Irkutsk.